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Marketing Internship Experience at Growing Potential

Have you ever wondered what is required of an intern as they begin their career in the marketing industry? How they feel throughout the whole experience? As they slowly begin to unravel the fundamentals of how to become a marketer.

Keep reading to find out how this marketing intern began his journey in the marketing industry.

Jason, a third-year student at The University of Notre Dame, talks through his internship experience at Growing Potential and highlights what his achieved, while giving us an insight on who he is.

Growing Potential Marketing Team
Growing Potential Marketing Team

1.    What interested you in pursuing a marketing career?

Marketing interests me because I believe that it is a vital aspect for a business succeeding or failing. Consumers purchase products with the best marketing, not products that may be a better alternative. Marketing it is often overlooked, leaving people not realising the massive impact on profit and loss and a huge impact on the behaviour of customers it has. The changing nature of the marketing industry has always fascinated me and has prompted me to always keep researching new trends.

2.    What motivates you?

My love for marketing has prompted me to go above and beyond whenever I am working on projects. I have always been motivated by the desire to meet deadlines whenever I am given a task. Setting and achieving these deadlines creates a sense of accomplishment that I crave. I love creating an organised schedule for completing tasks and achieving my goals on time as each milestone achieved inspires me to perform better.

3.    How was your first day at GPL?

As with most new work experiences, my first day at GPL was a little scary and stressful. However, the team truly did make me feel at home with their warm hospitability. My manager Shayne gave me a professional induction where I was given information about the systems and procedures, company strategy and services and job specific information. Overall, the experience was delightful, leaving me with a very positive outlook on GPL and the team.

The team celebrating R U OK? Day at the office by interacting together and enjoying tarts
Team bonding helps create a more friendly and productive environment

4.    What is the best piece of advice you can give an individual starting their internship?

My best piece of advice I can give an intern starting out would be to constantly learn new things. As an intern you need to absorb all information you can and learn as much as possible. Everything learnt during your studies can be used and applied in the work environment. I would recommend having a look into these skills to propel your marketing experience. Skills such as blogging, SEO, social media and effective teamwork and communication skills would be vital in the workplace as this gives you an edge while you operate.

5.    What type of projects have you had the opportunity to work on in your time at GPL?

Throughout my 10-week period here at GPL, I was given the opportunity to work on various size assignments ranging from creating posts for social media to designing blogs and a handbook. Each project I worked on was tailored to make sure it was within my skill level, while also still being an important contribution. I found enjoyment in all work I was assigned to complete at GPL and felt comfortable asking questions where I felt I needed.

Jason and Shayne are on a Microsoft Team call with the Growing Potential website in the background
Discussions help guide individuals, prompting them to think about the material available

6.    What experiences have you gained from your time at GPL?

Being a fresh marketing intern, I was exposed to many different and new aspects as I began my marketing career. I was assigned projects and given the necessary guidance to complete those projects. This forced me to develop my own insights in the marketing world – along with learning different programs and procedures. I learnt many valuable lessons and skills in operating software’s such as social media marketing and SEOs. I felt that university classes can only guide you so much until you need to experience a proper work environment and get real hands-on experience to fully develop.

7.    What do you like the most about GPL?

I found the team to be extremely friendly and helpful in my period working at GPL. Celebrating special events in the workplace was a very pleasant experience making me feel like I was at home. Each event involved friendly conversations amongst staff bringing the team together. GPLs mission aligned with my own personal belief in helping the wider community, and so I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience working at such a friendly and hospitable environment.

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